Thursday, February 26, 2009

Purification leaves me contaminated with unfinished work

I haven't tooted this blog yet because I knew from the start that my first tincture wouldn’t be a success worthy of much attention. I am also challenging myself into devising a design that would reflect the beautiful and arcane nature of plants. That said my entries have been sporadic.

At last then here comes the final entry about my incomplete tincture. As I mentioned before, the instructions called for 250g of powdered horsetail while my harvest rendered mere 61g. My main concern however rested with the “metal” pot that I was using. One could only guess what sort of impurities went into the production of this pot. Using it for the final Purification of the salts seemed like an oxymoron. So it was that my horsetail tincture, if I could call it that, lacked the third ingredient: the salts or the essence of the horsetail’s body. Nonetheless, I drank the tincture for the whole month, from mid November till mid December (taking one table spoon a day). My knee has not given me any troubles since then and of course I would like to attribute that blissful relief to my incomplete tincture ;)


Frater Extasis In Excelsis said...

The Salts are corrosive to metals, and so any metal that comes into contact with the Salts will end up contaminating them.
Nice to see a blog on this! I have one but I NEVER post. LOL!
Good luck!

spagyrics said...

Very true about the metal container. I didn't finish my work because of that. At that time I was simply curious about burning the plant matter and the amount of smoke this would generate ;)